Lord, have mercy.

A raw plea for intervention. The most common prayer in the Bible. And—most remarkably—a request that God has never failed to grant . . . often in surprising ways that have radically transformed individual lives and the trajectory of history itself.

In The Mercy Prayer, Robert Gelinas explores the richness of God’s unfailing compassion by blending biblical insights with penetrating personal encounters and keen insight into familiar stories. bookThe result is a practical guide for receiving the mercy we all desperately need and letting it flow from us into the lives of others.

The Mercy Prayer reveals:

How God’s abundant compassion is at the core of His character and was central to the earthly mission of Jesus

The truth that simply praying the Mercy prayer and anticipating mercy’s arrival can soothe a wounded soul and change a life from the inside out

Practical ways to carry God’s mercy into the muck and mire of a hurting world, offering comfort and hope in the name of Christ

How you can make the most frequent prayer in the Bible your most prayed prayer, too, by learning to pray with every breath you take and every beat of your heart

The Mercy Prayer invites each of us to become a student of heavenly compassion and clemency, to immerse ourselves in it, to embrace the responsibility of seeing all life in view of God’s mercy—and to watch as this simple-yet-profound cry reshapes us and our world. Everybody needs mercy.

Robert Gelinas

Robert Gelinas is Lead Pastor of Colorado Community Church, a multicultural, interdenominational mission in the Mile High City.  He holds a BA in Biblical Studies and an MA in Missiology from Denver Seminary.  He and his wife, Barbara, live in Denver with their six children.

For more information please visit www.robertgelinas.net


In The Mercy Prayer Pastor Robert Gelinas shows why he is recognized in Denver as one of the true spiritual father’s of our city. His explanation of the prayer that God always answers is life giving and life changing and has the power to change a community.

-Geoff Surratt
Managing Director, Exponential

Robert Gelinas doesn’t just teach or talk about mercy—He is the living embodiment of one of God’s greatest gifts. This book will awaken your heart cry for mercy and readiness to extend it to others.

-Margaret Feinberg
www.margaretfeinberg.com, author of Wonderstruck

Each chapter in this book and within each chapter I hear the gentle tapping of the mercy and love of God, tapping away until all of a sudden we see that God’s mercy must be heard as unconditional and his love relentless, and heard until we embrace it and comprehend that God’s merciful love is the one safe place to dwell. Far too many Christians absorb a message that if we are good enough or serve sacrificially that we will enter into the love of God, but Robert Gelinas reminds us that God’s love is the orientation to life, the air we breath and the sky above us — not something we earn or deserve but something God graces upon us because God loves us.

-Scot McKnight
Professor of New Testament, Northern Seminary, author of The King Jesus Gospel

Robert Gelinas dives deep into the biblical waters of understanding God’s mercy and revolutionary love for us. His practical theology and insightful examples provide a wonderful resource for Christian formation. May readers be led to the daily journey of the transformational gift this book explores.

-Efrem Smith
Regional Catalyst with the Evangelical Covenant Church and author of The Post-Black and Post-White Church